Why choose Procurement?

You’ll get a real job with real responsibility and we hope that your drive, resilience, adaptability and good judgement will mean that you make a big difference. It's in at the deep end but we give you plenty of training and support to ensure that you flourish; from a buddy, mentor and great line managers, to a full training programme covering core management tools as well as function-specific skills.

What will you be doing?

Over the course of the 24-month scheme you will get the opportunity to work in two different UK Grocery businesses, or experience one year in the ABF Procurement team before returning to Grocery. You will learn about the fundamentals of procurement and how the wider business works, gain experience of running projects and interacting with different functions in the business to drive success and also have the responsibility of managing a portfolio of your own. During your scheme, you will receive core management training and will also have the opportunity to start a fully-funded Diploma in Procurement & Supply qualification.

Who are we looking for?

For our Procurement scheme, we need people who strive for ownership, who want to engage with and influence a large array of stakeholders. We’re looking for strong communicators, with excellent analytical skills, a methodical approach and the desire to probe for the right answers in a commercial environment. We want to find Procurement leaders of the future, with aspirations for Head of Department and Board-level roles in the medium-long term.

What do our Grads Say?

There are a range of things that make Procurement interesting! But I would say Variety is the key word. There is so much variety in the day to day tasks, and variety in the people I work with. Task-wise, I could be visiting a supplier that manufactures our Jordans Strawberry Country Crisp cartons, watching a print machine print out 30 cartons per second. The next day I could be visiting a supplier that freeze-dries the strawberries that go into that same Strawberry Country Crisp product. When I’m in the office, my workload ranges from attending project meetings; to updating the data on our systems; to developing a strategy plan for my category. On the people element, I engage with various departments including Marketing, Supply Chain, and International Sales. It’s always interesting to understand what’s important to each department, and use that to determine what I buy, and how I buy it. I also interact with other buyers across ABF; looking for insights or advice from other people buying similar products to myself. One important criterion I wanted for my role after University was to not do the same thing every day. Procurement ticks that box! Abi Sanusi 2016 Graduate 

One of the biggest successes from my year is probably the completion of the EU mobiles project. This involved consolidating all of our businesses in both Germany and France onto one mobile network. A big challenge I found was the fact that given ABF is so decentralised, engaging with the appropriate stakeholders and working together in cross-cultural teams proved difficult at times! Nevertheless I loved having the chance to work on an international project and it’s been a real highlight. This was a yearlong process but I was involved literally from the data gathering stage at the beginning through the negotiations period with various suppliers and to the contract signing and implementation process at the end. I started off by supporting this but 2 months in was trusted with leading it! Being trusted with such a level of responsibility so early on is a real plus point of ABF as pretty much from day one I’ve been working on and leading real projects like this. Being able to look back and say I delivered that from start to finish is a really great success story for me both from a personal development perspective but also to have delivered significant savings is something I am very proud to have been able to achieve in year 1! Georgina Fogelman 2017 Graduate

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We want you to really get to know what life will be like in the ABF procurement team before you apply. This quiz is all about helping you find out what situations you may find yourself in. Take some time to read through the scenarios and think about how these would make you feel.

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We hope that you now have a much better understanding of what life could be like when working in Procurement at ABF. If you are excited by the sounds of what you have heard we would love to hear from you. Click below to go through to our application process. If you are still not sure why not head back to our procurement page and read what our previous Grads have got to say.


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