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2017 HR

Studying Psychology at University, I always knew that I wanted my career to be people focused. At the time I wanted to follow the route of Clinical Psychology, but during my third year I realised that another four years of


2013 Supply Chain

I joined the ABF Supply Chain Graduate Scheme in September 2013. Initially I completed 3 placements covering technical, operations & supply chain planning before moving into my first off scheme role as a Shift Performance Manager. During my first


2015 Engineering

After completing my degree in Chemical Engineering, I joined the ABF Grocery Engineering graduate scheme in 2015. The 3 main reasons behind me applying to ABF were: the variety of businesses and roles, the commitment to grads post-scheme and


2016 Procurement

After studying Biochemistry at the University of Leicester, I was offered the opportunity to study for a PhD in Cardiovascular Disease. During this, I entered the Biotechnology Young Entrepreneurs Scheme where we had to develop a business plan for


2015 Technical

After 4 years of studying Biochemistry at Oxford University I was keen to gain some industrial experience and embark upon the ABF Technical Graduate Scheme. My interest in food science developed during my Master’s project at University, where I

Why should you be flexible on Location?

ABF Grocery Group is made up of 8 different small to medium sized food businesses and one of the real benefits of this is that we can offer a rich variety of experiences early in your career. We aim to


2015 Marketing

I had completed some great summer internships during my summers and spent three fantastic years studying Philosophy at the University of York, and I was ready for a new challenge in the world of work. I knew I wanted


2016 Supply Chain

I think that one of the great things about ABF is that they take on graduates from many degree disciplines; I studied International Business Management at the University of Lincoln which led me to apply to the ABF Supply


2017 Customer Development

I graduated with a first in Business and International Relations from Aston University, Birmingham. Like many, my degree doesn’t exactly correlate to what I do now, which goes to show that a singular path to sales does not exist and

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